HHFO Board Meeting Minutes

HHFO Board Meeting

April 13, 2019 – Board Meeting Minutes
Family History Library, Salt Lake City Utah

Conducting: Lucy Peterson, Chairman

Attending: Desiree Frederick, LeAnn Hord, Harold Hendricks, Anne Bingham, Susanne Price, CharLynn Cunningham, Lee Hendricks, Mellanee Kilpack (via internet)

Prayer: Lee Hendricks

Henry Hendricks Family Organization Roster was handed out with changes to the board and committee members. Tax information was also listed. The following changes/additions were noted:

  • Susanne Price as secretary
  • Desiree Frederick as treasurer
  • Anne Bingham as vice president and membership
  • CharLynn Cunningham as social media, in addition to newsletter
  • Laurie Beardall was taken off
  • Lee Hendricks as HHDHA project manager
  • William Pincock as printer
  • Harold Hendricks as webmaster, in addition to archivist

Financial Report: Desiree Fredericks

  • Each member of the committee was given a summary of the HHFO financials
  • Publication Inventory Value
  • Upcoming Expenses
  • Revenue Activity Jan 2018-March 2019
  • Historic Revenue Activity 2015-1018
  • Historic Expense Activity 2015-2018
  • Goals for 2019: Increase Revenues; Streamline receipt of monies to HHFO account; Identify ongoing budget items and schedule

Changes to Bylaws were discussed and voted upon favorably, pending voting by the general membership.

  • Article II Section 2 Proposed change: “Annual membership dues will be due in April of each year for all members regardless of the date they signed up to be a member of HHFO.”
  • Article I Section 7 Proposed addition: “The membership records shall be kept in a secure database. The Board of Directors will designate one or more persons to administrate and manage the membership records. The Board of Directors will determine the level of access by others to the data as needed.”
  • Article III Section 10 Proposed change: “The Treasurer of the Board of Directors shall a) have the responsibility for handling all funds and securities of the Organization including tax records, forms and filings, ….”
  • Article 12 Section 2 Proposed change: Dates need to be changed to say “August 1st to July 31st.”

Items Discussed and Voted Upon in the Affirmative:

  • Dues to be increased to $20 beginning this Spring
  • One annual newsletter to be sent by mail in the Spring

Action Items:

  • Lee: Lee has all the newsletters dating back to 1965. He will scan these and give them to Harold to put on the website.
  • LeAnn: Set up emails for each member of the board as president@hhfo.org, etc. Check into details for New Jersey reunion and submit proposals to board for expenses, etc. Determine which dates will work best for the reunion.
  • Harold: Change addresses on website to show Desiree’s address for mailing of checks to HHFO. Take HHDHA banner off of all HHFO pages on the website. Make sure it is clear to those using the site where their money is going. Give membership database to Anne. Show that donations are tax deductible.  Harold will make CharLynn an ADMIN on that account.
  • Anne: Get membership database updated and in an Excel or Google docs format.
  • CharLynn: Work with Harold to set up link to InstaGram from Facebook. Our Facebook page is @hhfamilyorg.
  • Desiree: Submit electronic tax postcard form 990 N on 15th day of 5th month each year. Determine when domain charges are due and set up to submit annually. Ensure, as much as possible, that all money for HHFO is being routed through Zions Bank.
  • Mellanee: Create a ballot for general membership to vote on by-law changes to be put in the upcoming newsletter. Announce new board members for the newsletter.


  • Committee voted to go back to a mailed newsletter once a year, due to the drastic drop in dues.
  • Newsletter will go out once a year in the Spring coinciding with the time that dues are due.
  • William Pincock, our printer, is helping us with this.
  • The Post Office has software that will sort addresses and let us know the bad and forwarded addresses PRIOR to mailing saving us the expense and time of re-addressing and re-mailing returned newsletters.
  • Announce upcoming Reunion in New Jersey. Date to be determined: either June 26-28 or July 10-12.
  • Interim news will be sent out via Facebook, InstaGram, email, etc.

Website/Internet Clarification:

  • There are three separate organizations sharing the website hhdha.org. They are HHFO, HHDHA and HFANJ.
  • Harold will keep the website updated.
  • We own three domains: henryhendricks.org, hhfo.org, and hhfo.info.
  • We paid half the cost of creating the hhdha.org website. Dr. Andrew Hendricks paid the other half. We had a three-year commitment. The committee decided in previous meetings that this cost could come out of the savings from not doing mailings.
  • CharLynn’s responsibilities were increased to include all social media content for HHFO. The committee suggested ideas for social media including old newsletters, sharing from FamilySearch memories to Facebook, posting pictures, audio, etc. to make it more interesting.

Anne Bingham Report:

  • Need to look to the future of our organization. Some organizations have died out because they don’t get new members. Anne suggested the following ideas for encouraging growth in our organization:
  • Need to always keep the organization three generations deep
  • IDEAS: LDSAFA has ideas; cousin parties; social media; make it relevant to our lives; make it interactive; stories; invite grandchildren to meetings; kids’ corner in newsletter
  • Discover, Gather, Connect, Belong
  • FamilySearch activities: 5 to 30-minute things you can do with pre-teens.
  • org/discovery
  • Family History Guide: training tool, gives ideas
  • Capture more interest, add stories, pictures
  • Get more people to help.


  • To be held in New Jersey either June 26-18 or July 10-12.
  • Program to be basically the same as the 2017 HFANJ reunion: Fri night: ice cream social and presentation; Sat: bus tour with sack lunches, pizza party in the evening and presentation; Sun: attend church at Old Brick Church
  • Anne offered to help with reunion T-shirts
  • LeAnn will submit reunion budget to the board prior to any purchases

HHFO Board Meeting

October 13, 2018 – Board Meeting Minutes
Family History Library, Salt Lake City Utah

Attendance: Mellanee Kilpack, Lucy Peterson, DelLynn Leavitt, Harold Hendricks, Desiree’ Frederick, Charlynn Cunningham, LeAnn Hord, Bob Quayle
Opening Prayer: Lucy Peterson
Thoughts/Concerns offered:

1. Lucy Peterson
a. How soon should we advertise about the reunion in New Jersey. Discussion that Ann will be given the information to put on the Facebook page. Charlynn will make an invitation to go on the Newsletter. Information to include hotel list that was used from the Burial Ground dedication should be emailed to Charlynn.
b. We need to look for people to work on our social media presence and help Ann.

2. Bob Quayle
a. Suggested teenagers or young adults to help with social media presence. They would be asked to promote Family History through use of Facebook, Social Media outlets by providing photos and video content relating to stories of ancestors.
b. What heritage are we leaving for our descendants? Just something to think about as we move forward.

3. Harold Hendricks
a. Update on meeting between LeAnn and Lee Hendricks at the World Family History Day event in Lehi. Lee Hendricks was offered Vice President Position. He was looking at our social media presence.
b. Discussion on developing a new Committee Member position – HHDHA Project Manager
Assignment: Develop a position description on duties and responsibilities. Position will report to Board Chairman.
Assignment: Harold to confirm with Lee that he will take on the position of HHDHA Project Manager
Assignment: Harold to invite Lee Hendricks to next Board Meeting
c. Update on phone conference to finalize the Charter and function of HHDHA. How HHFO and HHDHA are to work together
Assignment – Work with Dustin to get GED com file uploaded. Harold has concerns about possible data corruption that happened during initial upload. Family members not in correct generation position.
d. Harold to become a TNG expert to find out how to edit content for website. Refine the look of the relationship on the website between HHFO and HHDHA. Add items that will invite others to align with us that have ancestral commonality, highlight other genealogical resources, highlight Dutch Ancestry, offer additional information on family activities.
e. National organization committee has completed their assignment and should now be disbanded.

4. DelLynn Leavitt
a. Question on if he should submit an article to the newsletter.
b. Additional temple ready names for Jane Sumter, Van Dyke line which is related to Dick Van Dyke
c. Brief update on Dorris line relationship work. DNA needed to verify if we tie into Samuel Dorris and Martha Hughes by using an isolated line that does not go through Hendricks.

5. Charlynn Cunningham
a. Looking for stories and research updates to include in Newsletter. If you have anything, send it to her at any time.
Assignment: Prepare a dues notification form for newsletter.

6. Desiree’ Frederick
a. Willing to help out with Cousin party
b. Available to help Harold with document review

7. LeAnn Hord
a. Do first meeting with Lee Hendricks to introduce him to Dr. Hendricks and get the connection made so that Lee can start his work.
b. Contact Desiree to rescan W.D. Hendricks book by Tad Hendricks for republication.

HHFO Board Meeting

September 20, 2014

Attending: Lucy Peterson, Susanne Price, Myrna Olson, DelLynn Leavitt, John Hendrix, LeAnn Hord, Harold Hendricks

Opening Prayer: LeAnn Hord

Minutes approved from last meeting

Treasurer’s Report: Myrna provided a spreadsheet showing $70 income; $1,205.04 expenses.  Myrna said that she thinks the lack of a newsletter is the reason.  This was discussed and others agreed that the newsletter is the catalyst for interest and donations.  The newsletter should have biographies and research articles.  Postal permit will need to be renewed for next year. PayPal not working and needs to be checked.

LeAnn moved to approve the treasures report; DelLynn 2nd; voted to approve.

John Hendrix, Vice President report: Provided Outline of events and Key To Do Lists (attach) Discussed temple session options since the Bountiful Temple may be closed during the reunion.  Session at 10 am with Ogden temple as the 1st alternate.  Lagoon prices will be set in January.  Advertising will be through the newsletter and a spring mailing, plus emails with flier and through social media.  Lucy will have one of her family members design the flier.  Discussed theme ideas.  Suggestions on reversing class times.  Gifford Nielson’s talk and Karla Huntsman’s reading to be 20-30 minutes each.  Need Karla to find someone to advise on authentic costumes.  Sound setup for evening talk and performances; LeAnn will check on professional sound for both days.  Projectors: Harold can provide several. The building has a Family History Center. Dickey’s will cater a BBQ meal.  Need to check on a children’s price.  $13 for adult with two meats.  Ice cream social: bring our own; toppings.  Use the FHC on Saturday morning.

Newsletter: Deadline this Thursday; Gateway still printing; discussed articles needed; discussed how to increase interest and benefits of donating to the research.  John will do an article on benefits of knowing your family; LeAnn will do an article on why the HHFO exist and give personal examples.  DelLynn’s article will tie the brothers together. Harold will do one on the portrait and possibly the senator.

Lucy read a letter from the Lewis branch, who had organized efforts to get a headstone for Rebecca Hendricks Lewis.  Her letter should be in the newsletter.  LeAnn suggested we also say something about Elizabeth and James Gammel.

LeAnn reported on the cemetery reconstruction; radar survey shows 90 + burials; Boy Scout survey, photos etc to try to get accurate reconstruction. Needs the data from DelLynn; she will meet with him in Idaho Falls on Thursday.

Lucy introduced Susanne Price as a candidate for the Treasurer. Discussed the duties and possible changes needed to simplify bookkeeping and how to track everything.  John will create a spreadsheet and train her.  Harold moved to have Susanne Price be new treasurer; DelLYnn 2nd; voted affirmative.

Susanne mentioned that she has asked to help in the past but no one ever responded.

Harold reported that he found a person in The Netherlands who might be able to help us find records.  He will send the name to DelLynn.

Harold reported that Greg was still having trouble getting the security certificate working on the website, in spite of repeated efforts and carefully following the instructions.

DelLynn: working on Daniel and William’s descendants primarily for temple work; he will send a GEDCOM to Harold when he has finished. He will now refocus on a book for the reunion; discussed how large the book should be and how many generations.  Decided to only do two generations but have interesting descendants highlighted.  Not a lot of research except for collateral lines.  Research now will probably need to be on site as most online sources have been exhausted.  Land records are largest group not online.

Discussion of Ancestry.com’s benefits and posting our information there.  My Heritage.com has more resources, but less user friendly.

Prayer: Myrna Olson
Lunch provided by Myrna

HHFO Board Meeting

March 29, 2014

Those in Attendance:
Lucy Peterson, Myrna Olsen, Jane Sumner, Laurie Beardall, DelLynn Leavitt, John Hendrix, Harold Hendricks, Mellanee Kilpack

Prayer: Jane Sumner

Status Report on Greg Hendricks, Webmaster – Doing well after surgery for a tumor in his spine with excellent prognosis.

Minutes read by Myrna Olsen
Minutes moved to be approved by DelLynn Leavitt. Board approved.

Financial Report by Myrna Olsen
$1,000.00 contributed by someone in Idaho.
Expenses weren’t huge except for the newsletter.
Balance up by $313.00
Balance of CD is $12,956.38
Discussion of the Hendricks home in Nauvoo. Would there be funds to purchase it?
House left to granddaughter. Granddaughter is not antagonistic but the mother is. No one is living in the house right now but is being used periodically by family members. Possibly to have Hendricks relatives live in home if association bought it.
Proposal to accept the treasurer’s report.
Harold moved that it be accepted. Board approved.

Discussion by Myrna and Delynn about new books that Delynn has reprinted.

Reunion – John Hendrix
Park less than two miles from the Lagoon next to an LDS ward house.
Park and chapel are connected. Baseball diamond, tennis courts. Two pavilions will hold 150 people. Rent both pavilions. Can’t reserve until January 1st so we won’t know if we have them until then. Park is taken care of as well as the pavilions. A relative who lives nearby will make the reservations as a resident of the city.

Agenda for the reunion was proposed and discussed.
Potential classes: Dutch History Fair already done twice. Maybe replace with a travel guide of family history sites. Dennis Hendricks recently travelled to The Netherlands – John would like his information to maybe help with this class.

Tracks: A presentation on the pioneer trek and how they travelled through journal citations – Eliza R. Snow talks about Drusilla in hers.

Should intr-family groups come down a generation? What do we do with the groups? Look at research or artifacts.

Whole building should be reserved where classes can be held.

Discussion on family ancestors. Is there any reason to have a special time for intra- family group meetings?

Should we have books? Should we have stories? People are drawn in by stories.

It was suggested that we move away from the James and Drusilla family and focus on Henry Hendricks and his two brothers. We should tell the story of the three brothers and their wives. Henry, Daniel and William
DelLynn – Daniel
John- William
Harold, – Henry
Historical – New York – Stanton Island Ferry
Theme of Country Pride. Proud of our ancestors settling America.
American Heritage

Determined to have a 15 minute, one-man life story of each of the brothers and Francyntje, slides of historical places, family, etc. See Dutch Ancestry of Monmouth NJ by George C. Beekman for more details about their lives.

We should have a class on using our data on Ancestry.com and Ancestral Quest.
Class on FamilySearch Family Tree.

Discussed schedule for Friday and determined to have classes 2-5 on Friday, 2 at a time.

Saturday repeat classes after lunch/business meeting.
Catered lunch.

LeAnn email and phone report:
I do not have anything new regarding HHFO other than I have individually helped a few people with our Ancestral Quest data to get them enrolled and working on their family history.

The news I have is regarding the cemetery.

1) The cemetery settlement has not happened as of this date. I am not at liberty to discuss anything other than to say that we are still in negotiations and hope to resolve it within the month without having to go to litigation. Time will tell.

2) In that regards, we are still having to maintain the cemetery at this time. If needed, I would like to propose that the HHFO be ready to donate funds towards the summer maintenance. It costs about $250 per month for landscape maintenance for about 6 months. Any donations towards that would be appreciated if the settlement is not reached and we have to litigate the cemetery suit. If settled, we wouldn’t need to make the payment.

LeAnn moved that the HHFO hold $500 to cover 2 months of cemetery landscaping and maintenance if necessary. 2nd Myrna. Approved.

3) I just sent an email to the board about a recent portrait discovery. The portrait is of Hendrick Hendrickson done by his father, Daniel Hendrickson, Jr.

Will be doing cousin parties this summer. Will get books from DelLynn

Jane: Temple cards all passed out

Archivist: No much to report; some little work on AQ database adding Andrew’s book.

Melanee. Had some cards, missing a sealing. DelLynn will check. Reported on her family reunion and the tour of Richmond DUP museum, cemetery, Cove Mill that WD built. The mill has been preserved and will be converted into a house. Serving mission at Family History Library and can take assignments. Met a chiropractor, Brad Hendricks, who is related; at FHC met him; will let him know about reunion. Will send contact info to Billy.

Myrna needs to resign as Treasurer due to life changes. Discussed possible candidates.

DelLynn: Has put our data up on Ancestry.com in public member tree file; also on Roots Family Tree; cleaning up FamilyTree to get the new info in; working on descendants of Daniel; names ready for distribution. Try to another book for the reunion to tie in the three brothers and the sister. Research: worked on identifying the marks of Hendricks Hendrickson and if it is the same person that married Helena Cortelyou. Found the Van Dyke family in Amsterdam.

Prayer by John Hendrix
Lunch by Myrna

HHFO Board Meeting

September 7, 2013

Convened at 11:00, Myrna Olsen’s home
Attending: Lucy Petersen, Jane Sumner, DelLynn Leavitt, John Hendrix, Harold Hendricks, LeAnn Hord, Laurie Beardall, Myrna Olsen, Jeraldine LeMon, Gregary Hendricks.

Prayer by Laurie Beardall

Additions to the mailing list.  Email Gregary to update the website.  Mellanee Killpack not here due to her family reunion being held today.

Treasurer’s report: Increase of $294.09.  Discussion of finances and how to interest current generation.  Total assets are down to $15, 646.  Report was approved by unanimous vote.

Discussion on Vice President: John is interested, but has other responsibilities right now. Discussed reunion responsibilities and some ideas connected to the Lagoon idea.  DelLynn moved to nominate John Hendrix as our new VP; Laurie 2nded, vote was unanimous.  By-laws allow interim appointment by vote of the board.

Discussed general direction of the organization; emphasis is research, publications, and cousins parties with large reunion every 5 years to make ancestral connections.

Newsletter: proposed to print only once a year.  This brought on a discussion on the website and use of online media.  Gateway printing will be closing in the near future.  Greg would like to see the website take over as the primary source for HHFO news and only those who request and pay dues get a mailed copy.  Discussed other social media options: Facebook and Twitter.  We all need to commit to add entries to the blog and Facebook page.  Greg moved to go to newsletter once a year and the website and Facebook are now the official communication channel for the organization.  DelLynn seconded.  Unanimous vote.  Greg and LeAnn will work together to get the mailing list moved from Word Perfect to the website.

Assignments to add to the Website and Facebook: LeAnn  & first week, Laurie  & Jane 2nd week, John & DelLynn 3rd week, Harold 4th

Reunion: LeAnn stopped by Lagoon to get information; reservations are accepted only a year in advance; passed out brochures with information and rates.

Discussed the benefits of using Ancestry.com vs. Ancestral Quest or add Ancestry as another tool, especially for viewing.  Mobile app is wonderful for younger users.

Archivist: still working on synchronizing the PAF/AQ files.

LeAnn reported on the cousins parties: good attendance at the two recent ones in Orem and Riverton. Jay Grant, head of Orem center is a relative.   Will set up more in Seattle and elsewhere.  James Gammel book is available at BYU by Elizabeth G. Hedquist.

Cemetery: lawsuit is progressing.  Mediation meeting on Oct 21st.  The defendants have changed their story.  Economic pressure is now bearing on the homeowners to settle because no one can sell with the lawsuit pending.  The legislation for NJ has passed committee.  Jane’s daughter Debra Slaugh is now the treasurer for the committee.

Lee Hendricks at the Lindon FHC has a camera stand for digitizing high quality photos.

DelLynn: More temple names; Temple names need to be done; Dennis went to Holland and has a friend there who is a researcher.  One name was given to the Archivist for Barnavelt.   DelLynn will contact the archivist to find out how the name had Hendrickson added to it.  Dutch Colony research group has helped us find a first wife for Hendricks Hendrickson, but we are back to verifying the marks made by Hendricks Hendrickson to determine if they are the same person.  DelLynn showed copies of the marks to show that they are the same person.  Michael Morissay is insisting they are not, but DelLynn is pretty certain they are.

Prayer: Jane Sumner
Lunch provided by Myrna.

HHFO Board Meeting

April 20, 2013

Opening prayer: Lucy Peterson

In attendance: Harold Hendricks, DelLynn Leavitt, Gregary Hendricks, Lucy Peterson, Myrna Olsen, John Hendrix, LeAnn Hord, Randy Wilson, Jane Sumner, Melannie Killpack.

Harold Hendricks read minutes, slight corrections made, and accepted.

Treasurer’s report by Myrna Olsen. Report on counts of remaining books. Reviewed some recent research and discussed how to organize books to publish the organization’s research. Donations are not meeting expenses recently, so some of the expenses are being covered by money originally allocated to the house fund. As DelLynn put it, “So what we’re saying is, sometime, somewhere, we better do something.” LeAnn thinks that new books and cousin parties will help. LeAnn moved to accept the treasurer’s report; Lucy seconded; all agreed.

Discussed need for a VP, since Robert Raymond resigned. Meanwhile, we brainstormed on what to do for the reunion in 2015. We talked about holding the reunion at Lagoon. Groups get discount tickets ($35/person), and allow free entrance-only passes. Can reserve a large pavilion, and Lagoon even caters barbecue lunch for $5/person. We could have a business meeting around lunch, have books there for display and purchase, and generally keep the planning simple.

Future HHFO board meetings will be at 11:00 a.m. to make travel simpler. Next board meeting Saturday, September 28, 2013.

FamilySearch Family Tree has a new look. It would be good for members of HHFO to upload photos, tag the faces, and attach them to the ancestors. There was concern with work done there getting “undone”, which should happen less often after “new FamilySearch”.

DelLynn has been using PAF, but it would help the organization a lot if he could switch to Ancestral Quest. The board voted to purchase Ancestral Quest for DelLynn so he can move towards doing his work within the “Collaboration File”.

Jane Sumner: Need more names, DelLynn distributed names.

Myrna suggested we have two other person authorized to sign checks. Harold moved than Jane Sumner and Lucy Petersen be authorized to sign checks through Zion’s Bank. Lucy 2nd. Vote: Aye

LeAnn reported on the Las Vegas cousin party, about 30 people came, $150 income; didn’t take so much Dutch material. Proposed that we cover the Utah area with several parties. Needs a place with internet for about 3 hours, but can be modified. Presentation can emphasize Dutch or pioneer heritage. LeAnn will put a notice in the blog and the newsletter to schedule parties through the next 6 months. She will provide spreadsheet on expenses and income.

Myrna has a niece in Washington State who lives on a farm who travels. An artist saw her daughter and asked her to be a model in a Biblical painting, but then he had her model as Drusilla in a painting of her contemplating Sending WD with the Mormon Battalion; Al Young is the artist, Pioneers of the American West series.

LeAnn update on cemetery: The insurance companies will not take responsibility so the association will need to sue. The legislation is moving forward. A Boy Scout did an Eagle project to build a fence around the cemetery. Radar survey found 99 burials.

Archivists Synching DelLynn’s files; FamilyTree synching-I’ll do with DelLynn for the 4 generations and ancestry.

Melanie—can do auctioneering. Has a story: Settling of Cache county write up had information not seen before. We need to obtain a true copy. Cousin Penny is a professional genealogist; need to have her connect to DelLynn.

DelLynn—Distributed copies of the documents proving that the Hendricks Hendricks that married Helena Cortelyou is the same that married Van Dyke. Dennis Hendricks will be going to Amersfoort, Netherlands and DelLynn will give him things to look for. Church records are microfilmed, but very hard to read. Explained details of research on Hendricks, Frost, Dorris lines. DelLynn will work on John Hendrix’s ancestor William G Hendricks to determine the real wives.

$30 to DelLynn for AQ.

HHFO Board Meeting

September 22, 2012

HHFO, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012
Opening prayer: Jane Sumner

Webmaster – Gregary Hendricks
– New website is up at henryhendricks.org.
– It is mainly a blog
– There are also links to related sites, including the HHFO Facebook page and Google Plus page.
– DelLynn Leavitt posted some research notes on the Google Plus page. They need to be posted to the blog.
– Greg said it’s good for the blog to be visible when people log in so they can immediately see what’s new. Harold wondered if there should be some sort of intro to HHFO at the top of the page for first-time visitors.
– The genealogy information isn’t currently on the site, due to privacy (and lawsuit) concerns.

Archivist – Harold Hendricks
– Didn’t have a newsletter in May, so it has been a year.
– Next newsletter needs to be out in time for people to buy books as Christmas presents if they would like to. So we need the articles ready by October 1, including report by DelLynn; report on new website by Greg.
– Harold will put in info about how members can see our genealogical data on other websites. Members are encouraged to update “descendant” data, but not necessarily the “ancestor” data.
– LeAnn will submit something for the newsletter after her other commitments on October 13th.
– LeAnn will make sure we get a PDF file from the printers for the website.
– When people log in to the new website, they can update their addresses. They can also indicate whether they want electronic and/or paper newsletters.
– The main “Fourth generation” Hendricks book we put together for the 2010 reunion is out of date, because we have discovered at least two lines that were not right before, and one more looks like it’s suspect. So we should not sell those now.
– LeAnn & Harold will mention in the newsletter what is going on with the books.

LeAnn – Cousin Parties
– Didn’t have cousin parties this summer. The board recommends she takes a break for a little while, and start up again when updated books are read with DelLynn’s new findings.
– There’s a problem with members of HHFO changing information in new.familysearch.org back to what their outdated books or CDs say.

HHFO Board Meeting

October 23, 2010 – 1357 WILLOW VISTA DR, SANDY, UT

ATTENDING: DelLynn Leavitt, Harold Hendricks, LeAnn Hord, Myrna Olsen, Lucy Peterson, Jane Sumner, Randy Wilson, Gregary. Hendricks

Conducting: Lucy Peterson
Opening prayer: Gregary Hendricks

Reviewed minutes for April; accepted

Treasurer: Myrna: Of course there were reunion expenses. Reunion expense was about $688 more than we took in; total change since last report -$973.97. Joseph Smith Hendricks Book refunds: LeAnn called everyone and most donated to the HHFO. Myrna read a statement for the newsletter thanking all who gave time and then donated their payments to the HHFO. Need to add a note that if you weren’t contacted may either donate, have a refund or apply to one of our new publications.

Discussed what will happen to the information collected. LeAnn will go to Pocatello and see if she can get the data.

IRS and HHFO: Myrna spent many hours on the phone with several people at the IRS and after several attempts she succeeded in reinstating our tax-exempt status. We are exempt under 501(c)3. We now have an official letter stating the fact. Myrna read the letter and we have to file a form 990N “postcard.” Need to check Utah State laws for solicitations permit. LeAnn will provide contact information to Myrna.

LeAnn motioned to approve treasury report and pay the state fee. Seconded by DelLynn. Approved

Reunion was a success. Many families enjoyed the walking tour of Richmond. Myrna would like a stand-in to sit at the desk so she can enjoy some more of the activities. Children’s activities were well done. The museum was a real treat seeing all the photos and the implements of their lives. Bruce Merrill made a DVD of the reunion Leanne motioned that we sell copies for $10. Delyn seconds and motion passes.

LeAnn presented the updated constitution and by-laws that were ratified at the 2005 reunion. Passed out the signature page for signatures.

LeAnn passed around expense and income lists from the reunion. LeAnn will take Dutch souvenirs to the reunion that Dr. Andrew Hendricks is putting on. She presented a list of reunion attendees and cousin parties that are not yet on the mailing list. Delynn presented at the Idaho Falls cousin party. Rexburg party had Georgia Ricks attend and it was good to connect with her. They have a lot of information on CD/DVD but it has not been disseminated due to privacy concerns. Karen DeBow in Rexburg wants to get involved. LeAnn met Corrine Hendricks whose husband made a large donation to the organization. She expressed her thanks stating that the donation has kept the organization alive.

Pocatello reunion had no attendees.

Moreland was well attended. Donated one of DelLynn’s books to Betty Hendricks.
John Harlow Hendricks family has a check for HHFO dues.
LeAnn’s report shows who has paid dues directly to her. Myrna will credit.
Paypal account is still active, but no one has used it since the reunion. Myrna
just transferred the money from the reunion but it is not on the report yet.
No more cousin reunions until next spring.
LeAnn also has been scanning things from her Aunt Shirley Pincock and she has some copies of the report that Mary Hart did in 1975 on The Saga of Abraham and also a report on the Bess line from Paul Sharp.

Hendricks reunion in New Jersey November 13 and 14 being set up by Dr. Andrew Hendricks primarily to deal with the destruction of the cemetery. DelLynn and LeAnn will be going and Lucy might be able to. Discussion of the cemetery situation; discussed the possible support and that the board might give. DelLynn and LeAnn will report and the board will then vote on any support we might give.

It has been discussed that DelLynn and his wife be reimbursed for this trip. DelLynn would like to have his wife appointed as an official assistant. Randy moved to add DelLynn’s wife Elida to the research committee. Seconded by Myrna. Voted unanimously. Elida will help take photos at the reunion and will assist in research at the National Archives.

LeAnn moved that the HHFO will reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred by DelLynn and his wife as the research committee. Randy seconded. Voted unanimously.

Discussion on arrangements for travel and meeting with family in the area.

DelLynn’s report: Needs someone to take on the work of linking his research into NFS. He spends more time trying to clean up NFS and checking pedigrees. Discussed the problems with NFS not showing who is making relationship links or combining persons. Discussion of NFS and Randy told of some coming changes.

Jane left.

Break for Lunch: Blessing by LeAnn.

DelLynn continued reporting on his correspondence with Henry B. Hoff of the NY Genealogical Society and the corrections that Mr. Hoff has for several of the allied lines. DelLynn distributed CDs of the new data he has assembled. Discussion returned to the need for an assistant to help keep NFS data clean and enter the new data that DelLynn is discovering. DelLynn will write a newsletter notice requesting an assistant or assistants that know both NFS and the family lines. Discussed direction for DelLynn’s research and determined that he spend time on researching Hendricks Willemz and also following Henry’s brother Albert’s children.

Natalie Bergevin called and we conferenced about the mailing labels and barcodes on the newsletter addresses. Need the newsletter address list as soon as possible.

DelLynn will also look for the other children of Henry and Sarah. DelLynn would like to research the Matrimony Creek Baptist Church records in the University of North Carolina library. LeAnn volunteered to fly there sometime this winter to look at them.

Myrna requested that all newsletter articles be sent to Lucy as soon as possible. Lucy will do an article on the reunion, Harold on the DNA results. Discussed how to buy and resell DelLynn’s book and CDs and pricing. Also discussed cheaper printing costs to reduce the price of the book. Also discussed going with Lulu on-demand printing. Randy will test out the system. Greg can link all books to Lulu and we now have Paypal to make it all work. Decided to wait for the website until the current books are almost sold. Still have about 70 of the Henry Hendricks 4th generation books, which we need to sell with the correction insert.

Harold reported that initial checking on BYU students helping with the NFS API and our database were not encouraging, since it didn’t seem to fit in the Computers and the Humanities classes.

HHFO Board Meeting

April 17, 2010 – 1357 WILLOW VISTA DR, SANDY, UT

ATTENDING: DelLynn Leavitt, Harold Hendricks, LeAnn Hord, Myrna Olsen, Lucy Peterson, Jane Sumner, Randy Wilson

Conducting: Lucy Peterson
Opening prayer: Myrna Olsen

Financial Report by Myrna: Large expense for newsletter and some return in dues and research donations; CD interest rate is very low right now. Transferred about $3,000 into checking account to cover reunion expenses since the balance was only about $350. Guessed Logan will not be as expensive as Nauvoo which cost about $5,000. See printed balance sheet.

LeAnn: Helped Myrna get set up on Ancestral Quest. No time to set up cousin parties. Need someone to call to get them set up for her. If can’t get any before the reunion, then will set them up after. Only one person from Boise responded to call for hosting in newsletter. We need to see Cleata Dockstater and her photos of Joseph Smith Hendricks family. We need to get those scanned. We will call her today. Planning on finishing the James and Drusilla Hendricks Book. DelLynn will write up the research report.

Discussion of the progress in research now and in the past by former researchers.
DelLynn said that there is little time left and help is being provided from the other side of the veil.

Harold: Database is cleaned up and the AQ file ready for collaboration. We need to make Harold the administrator and allow DelLynn rights, since he cannot see it right now. LeAnn said she was worried that we might have problems with people adding GEDCOM files with extraneous information. Suggested having two files. Harold suggested just giving view only rights and contact him for changes. Harold will work with individuals to get their data in. DelLynn said he works from his own files and then moves information to the database. Do we want to have collateral data in the collaboration file? DelLynn does his own research and then cleans up the data on NFS, and then our database. We decided that DelLynn will only put the collateral line information that seems important. Discussed which publications to print at the reunion: Six generations with ancestry, just the six generations, just sell the four generations with errata, a book discussing the research? Time and expenses may limit us. Decided that DelLynn will create a book of the ancestry of James and Drusilla, Harold will do six generations from Henry, and LeAnn will do James & Drusilla’s story. What about giving away the four generation book? Rip out the Thompson information from the Anthology and sell them with an errata with pedigree on back. Myrna suggested that we put an article in the newsletter explaining what changes will be made to the publications we have been selling and how so those who have them can make the changes. Harold will write this.
DNA: Dr. Andrew Hendricks provided his DNA and it matches; we need to double prove with DNA from the Hafte line; need to invite Dr. Hendricks to the reunion. Call today and set up a conference call.

Discussed the website: Now can put up the six generations; need to determine the underlying architecture for the new website. Talked about the need for a family member who could design and interface. Asked if we should consider a collaboration with BYU students to help create the open source project to make the connection. Discussed how we might do this. Harold will start investigating possibilities with BYU.

***New video for the reunion and reunion DVD.

DelLynn: Reported on latest research that shows the interrelatedness of the family lines. Explained the Thomson line and how there are inter-relations with our other lines. Several of the women married multiple times into other lines. Will compile all the stories into the book. Histories are very interested. Bennet and Van Dyke are very prominent families in New Amsterdam.

Worked with Nancy Ann Hendricks on her Hendricks line-she thought the photo of Joseph Smith Hendricks in Lava Hot Springs was exactly like her ancestor—to determine if she comes from an English Hendricks Line.

Looking for the ancestor of Hendrick Willemsz—possibly a Willem Gerrits. Records are spotty, so can’t tell if this is the parents of Hendrick. DelLynn asked if we should as a family simply do the temple work for all of Barneveldt? Randy asked if the church has extracted the records. DelLynn says it doesn’t look like it. Discussion on whether we should do this, since the church sometimes grumbles, but Randy thinks we should do these kind of extractions. The problem is tying all the names together, since we can’t show all the relationships. These records start in 1634. Randy wondered if we did it the indexing now, if the church will just do it again and explained how we might make small extraction/indexing project part of the larger family organization project we talked about doing with BYU. LeAnn suggested we have projects at a table at the reunion.


Lucy Peterson: Reunion planning: Temple session, Jane will call temple for instructions and handing out names. 2 sessions 11 and 1 and have about 80 names ready for endowments. Four o’clock start. Trouble contacting the geo-caching person. LeAnn will call him. Old West shoot-out: game with names. Dinner at 6 in the park with a backup church. Found a place that will a couple of options for $3 per person: pulled pork, pot luck, ice cream for dessert. Can assign some if necessary. Did we want to set up a genealogy session at the church Friday night? Check for internet access at the church. LeAnn suggested having it at 1:00-3:00. Myrna’s cousin will check for us. Can have another session from 7-9. Saturday: walking tour of Richmond homes and graves. Which graves to highlight? Also a game to look at graves for information. Need to find a transcription of burials. Check in at the church. Something in the church for small children. Displays and tables. Lunch at 11:30 with 30 minutes leeway. Several caterers bidding. One from Iron Gate Grill gives half off for children and offers several menus. He will work with us on price. If we pick up it is less. We need to get ice cream. $10 for lunch is reasonable. Meeting after lunch. Do we need something for the children? Program: Video and Randy’s father playing banjo and doing folk songs. Need to work out more on program. Business meeting. Cousin Round-ups. T-shirts and bags with logo in process. Pulled pork and ice cream needs to be paid by registration. Reviewed Nauvoo registrations: $10 per person with t-shirt or $25 per household with 2 shirts. Dinner and box lunches were extra. T-shirts were $4.00. We will include a bag but not a t-shirt with registration. Additional bags and t-shirts separate. We should be able to cover all for the same price: $10 and $25. Business meeting at end of lunch. Information booklet for bags. New CD as well. Separate geo-caching for Richmond. Discussed geo-caching possibilities. Need actors in the cemetery. Need to check on projector. We need to get all the information to Billie within the week including our articles. Need to set up online payment. Research PayPal or other online options.

Discussion on vice president: Robert Raymond, Roskelley, someone in Rexburg—asst. recorder in temple. Randy will talk to Robert Raymond.

Distribution of cards for baptism and initiatory.

Closing Prayer: Randy Wilson

HHFO Board Meeting

April 25, 2009

Present DelLynn Leavitt, Jane Summers, Harold Hendricks, Gregary Hendricks, LeAnn Hord. Myrna Olson, Randy Wilson, Lucy Peterson

Randy Wilson, Presiding
Prayer: Lucy Peterson

Reviewed minutes/notes of October meeting kept by Brian Cooper; Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: Myrna provided spreadsheet showing a deficit of $491.29; increased book sales, $112 interest; house fund is going down—being used for other needs because if the house goes up for sale, funds would come in. Keeping CD in Zions to be safe and low interest is better for a non-profit. Money should come in from fairs and books; money has been spent for Nauvoo reunion, book printing, research. Myrna passed around some letters she had received from some of the members with some humor and interest.

Randy mentioned he went to lunch with Robert Raymond and his family; reminiscences of WD family and descendants.

DelLynn’s Research Report: Has printouts of Samuel Hinton from database; stuck on William Hinton, Grandfather of Samuel Hinton; not enough information to tie into the notable Hinton’s, friends of King Charles I & II in 1666; family fell into hard times; hoped for land grants; we think they tie into this line, but maybe not; online information is suspect. Has been working on temple names; has about 700 names. Jane said she gets calls all the time so send them to her. DelLynn is researching from 1890 to 1750. A lot of people have tried to make the connection to the notable Hinton line, but the research is not well done. There is a connection between Craven and Hinton families. Has new information for the database. Running out of resources online; may need to hire researcher or come to SLC to the library. Trying to find other Hendricks descendant lines; a lot of speculation. Questions?
LeAnn asked about information from Arbuta Wisuri, whether her information was ever verified. DelLynn wondered if we have the original records from Albert and William’s Rev. War records; moved that we pay for another set. Early research was done by family tradition, but no records; need to research these later children of Henry. Randy suggested that we put a notice in the newsletter asking for original family sources among the family. Dorris research is stymied right now; now Irish records, Dorris researcher is not responding to emails. DelLynn said that Dr. Andrew Hendricks has apparently matched DNA with our line, verifying our supposition that the William and Daniel Hendricks of Monmouth Co., were cousins to Henry. Temple Names: How should he provide the names? Discussion on how to proceed with New FamilySearch. Randy suggested we go through our new Ancestral Quest/New FamilySearch. DelLynn says most of this is new information that will not be on IGI or New FS.

Randy asked if we should now discuss AQ; LeAnn set up demonstration of collaborative tools of AQ. Randy explained the system of storing the database on the AQ servers and checking out the files for editing; LeAnn explained the 4 levels of rights. Discussion of how to split the data into separate files; how the collaboration would work; whether splitting the file is a good idea.


Randy suggested that we spend the next six months testing AQ with LeAnn’s test file. LeAnn wanted to know if we are ready to set up input standards. We decided not yet. Discussed how best to work with our data and merging into NewFS.

LeAnn read an email from Brian saying he has prostate cancer, which has spread to his bones. He may have only 2 – 5 years.

Archivist: Harold is working on cleaning up the database to 6th generation; will do ancestors now. Mary Hart’s 8 boxes merged down to 4; will continue to work on those papers. Email from another Hendricks line—William & Daniel. Will refer to DelLynn. Email about newsletter: will put newsletter up on website in PDF.

Webmaster: Website is not being seen much; want to revise to provide genealogy for ancestors, newsletter, addresses updates, payments. Greg look into Drupal. PayPal setup. Discussed offsite services; Concrete5 hosting & data management. Use the current while Greg tries out these other systems.

Reunion: Lucy: Types of activities for Friday & Saturday (handout) Friday: Temple Session, Ice Cream social, activities for youth. Drusilla play-new production for both nights. Saturday: Walking tour, genealogy session, business meeting, other activities. Need to check that other activities aren’t scheduled. Rent bowling alley; laser tag. Lundstrom Park is a possibility for $34 and has a church next to it for backup. Lunch or dinner catered? Lunch at the church in Richmond. Genealogical game: get a name and go to the resources as “family groups.” Look alike photos. “Family Trees”—sticks and fabric to create family. Name tags with stickers to show family groups. New video: based on one done for Provo; John Hendricks will do.
Business meeting just before lunch to get maximum attendance. Discussed how to do breakout groups by descendants. Discussed costs. Talked about having someone come to relate stories. What needs to be done? Scheduling can’t begin until next January. Newsletter needs to have reminder. Georgia Ricks needs to be contacted and have her do some Ricks information.

LeAnn asked Jane to contact Marguarite Allen’s family to see if there are any original documents, copies of her information

Prayer: Randy