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Barneveld Kerk, Netherlands

The founder of this Hendricks, Hendrickson, Hendrix family in America was Hendrick Willemsz (1634-1677) who emigrated from the town of Barneveld, Province of Gelderland, Netherlands before 1669. He settled in Rensselaerswyck, New Netherland (near present-day Albany, NY) where he married Gysseltje Albertse Bradt (1637-1677). Their children, Willem (1669-1711), Francyntje (1671-1750), Daniel (1673-1728), and Hendrick (1674-1734) later moved with family members from Albany, New York to Kings County, Long Island after the early death of their parents in 1677.


At the time of the death of Hendrick and Gysseltje, family members helped raise the orphaned children. On 1 Oct 1682, “Johannes van Eckelen (the older half brother), a young man from New Albany” had been commissioned as the Midwood, Long Island Schoolmaster, a position that he retained until 1699. Johannes van Eckelen would have been age 17 at the time of the death of Hendrick and Gysseltje, so it is thought that Johannes brought the Hendrickson siblings to Long Island sometime around 1687 where they stayed before eventually moving to Middletown, New Jersey.

Old Brick Reformed Church, New Jersey

The Willem and Daniel Hendrickson families were among the first settlers in Monmouth County, New Jersey. About 1692, Willem, Daniel, and later Hendrick settled in Monmouth County where they owned farms and raised large families. In 1699, Willem and Daniel are listed as founding members of the Church of the Navesink, the present-day Old Brick Reformed Church in Bradevelt, Marlboro Township, New Jersey. Willem operated a grist mill on Mahoras Brook northeast of Daniel’s farm and Hendrick purchased property south of Daniel’s farm. Their sister, Francyntje, married Nicholas van Dyke in 1692 and moved near New Castle, Delaware where her descendants became leading politicians.   

Many of the descendants of Daniel Hendrickson continued the use of the “Hendrickson” surname while those of his brother Willem and Hendrick adopted the shortened “Hendricks” name. Different branches of descendants of Hendrick Willemsz are also known by the surname of Hendrix.

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Approximate location of Willem, Daniel and Hendrick’s farms in Holmdel, New Jersey