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CURRENT PUBLICATIONS:  (All prices include shipping in the United States.)

Anthology of Henry H. Hendricks(on) and Sarah Thompson

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A collection of research documents and information about the ancestors of Henry and Sarah Thompson Hendricks.  $55.00

History of James and Drusilla Dorris Hendricks

Cover of James and Drusilla Hendricks Book

Illustrated history of James and Drusilla Dorris Hendricks based on Drusilla’s life story. $50.00

The Three Brothers and Their Sister: The Children of Hendrick Willemsz

Book cover

The story of and the latest research on the family of our immigrant ancestor, Hendrick Willemsz.  $55.00

Memorandum of Monmouth and Notes on North Carolina

Book Cover

Directions and information for family sites and historical homes in NY, NJ, NC. $45.00

The Ancestral Archive of the Hendricks and Dorris Families

Book Cover

The most up-to-date research on the ancestors of James/Drusilla and Samuel/Rebecca Hendricks. Changes most of the information for direct line and collateral families previously published.  $55.00

Netherlands Album

Book Cover

Dutch History, Christmas Traditions, Recipes, Shoe/Hat Patterns, Information for FHE/School Reports. $45.00

Portrait of William Dorris Hendricks

Third edition of the biography of William Dorris Hendricks with supplemental histories and accounts of his life and accomplishments. Updated to include biographies of his wives.  $50.00

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