Pay Your HHFO Annual Dues or

Donate to Family Research, HHDHA, HHFO, or HFANJ

Since this website is hosted by three different organizations, we have carefully made it so you can donate, shop, or pay dues to the organization of your choice. You will notice in the drop down menu that you have choices to make donations or shop.

In the Donate menu, there are three tabs to choose whether you want to pay HHFO annual dues, make a one-time donation or a monthly donation. The one-time and monthly donation tabs allow you to choose the amount, organization, and fund of your choice. If you choose a monthly donation, you will be sent a reminder email prior to the due date. You can then go to your account and change your donation or leave it as it is.

Please note: You will be given the opportunity to choose the organization and the fund to which you want to donate after you choose the amount in either of the donation tabs. Simply click on Select Organization and Fund to access the drop down menu for the available choices on the next window screen.

We invite Hendricks(on) family members to contribute toward family research, maintenance of this website, upkeep of the Hendrickson Burial Ground in Holmdel, New Jersey, and/or research and dissemination of our Dutch Heritage ancestry.

Please make a donation today in any amount. All contributions, small to large, are appreciated.

If you prefer to pay by check for any item or donation, please make check payable to the appropriate organization and specify the amount and what the check is for.

Please mail checks to:

HHFO,  6767 W 8305 S, West Jordan, UT 84081   Click this link for a PDF mailing form.

HFANJ, 15 Poplar Place, Fanwood, NJ 07023

HHDHA, 2036 N Gilbert Rd #2-185, Mesa, AZ 85203